We are Ben&Anna

As a strict vegan couple we have always paid close attention to what we consumed. We had long been searching for a suitable deodorant for us but could not find it. So we decided to develop our own deodorant which is solely based on ingredients of natural origin. After several attempts, and a lot of time and tinkering, we were ready to launch the new deodorant, which we are very proud of.


A slice of heaven with a sparkling smell that makes you feel good. The extracted grapefruit unfolds as the deodorant is applied to the skin. Anna has a particular affinity for this amazing fragrance combinaton and will be quick to tell you that this is a must have for your next holiday trip.

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A Deodorant, that embodies the sensuality and charm of India. The blaze of orange and the pleasant freshness of citrus are combined perfectly to captivate your senses.

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All fresh ingredients and a scent of lime. With its bright green colors it doesn’t just look full of freshness . Definitely the best selling deodorant of our range. For men and women alike.

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Flowery-sweet vanilla awakens the senses. And the relaxing and beneficial properties of marigold with its naturally soothing effect is particularly well suited for sensitive skin.

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Blue Violet is the color of lavender blossoms. Wonderful relaxing and amazingly refreshing. The only better way to experience the scent of this deodorant would be on a stroll through the countryside in the Provence and South of France.

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Warm and fragrant. Astringent with ceder and a nuance of Palmarosa. Naturally we are enamored by this combination of aromas. Ben in particular really likes this scent – and I love the scent on him …

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