Frequently Asked Questions


can a natural deodorant really work? Which ingredient is responsible for the deodorising efffect?
We can answer this question with a decisive yes. Ben&Anna Natural Soda Deodorant uses the natural effect of bicarbonate of soda.
Does Ben&anna deodorant also have a certain drying effect? Which ingredient causes this?
Yes, the ingredient Maranta Arundinacea root powder or arrowroot for short, ensures that excess moisture is absorbed and that the armpit feels dry.
Is Ben & Anna made by hand?
The first attempts at making Ben & Anna were indeed by hand and in our kitchen at home. However, since production is legally prescribed to be carried out under strict hygienic conditions (which is good), Ben and Anna is now mass-produced in a certified factory for natural products.
Are BEN & ANNA certified natural cosmetics?
Yes, Ben&Anna is certified by NATRUE and ICADA.
Has ben & anna deodorant ever been tested on animals and what does the term cruelty free mean?
The term cruelty free emphasises that we as manufacturers do not carry out any animal tests on our products or have any animal tests carried out by others.
IS BEN & ANNA only available ONLINE?
We are currently working hard to make Ben & Anna commercially available as well. So far, the following commercial partners are carrying our range:
Do BEN & ANNA Also exist for real?
Yes of course. We, Ben & Anna, are real! We still live a strictly vegan lifestyle. Since we have now become parents, we have left the big city of Berlin and returned to Anna´s hometown, Kassel, in northern Hesse. It is quieter here and the air is cleaner than in Berlin. The optimal living conditions for raising our children. Though we do miss the big city a bit.

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