Shipping & Delivery

Prices, shipping costs and information:

All prices shown on our website include value added tax (VAT) and other price components. No minimum order value required. Shipping costs are €3,50 for deliveries within Germany, €5,00 for deliveries within Austria or Switzerland and €6,50 for all other countries. Orders weighing more than 0,5kg are charged €5,00 extra. Within Germany, shipping costs do not apply for orders from €20,00 or more.

Shipping costs do not apply for digital contents (e-books, software etc.).

Shipping costs are €3,50. Shipping costs include value added tax (VAT). Since VAT is added on the shipping costs depending on the ordered products, it can decline when products are purchased at lower sales tax rates (e.g. purchase of books). This means that the shipping costs can only be calculated during the process of ordering. For your benefit, it can only become lower, not higher.